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American History (Amerikashi-Kenkyu) No. 30(2007)

No. 30 (2007)

30th Anniversary Feature: Reviewing the State of American Historical Studies in Japan
1 Introduction
2 Yoko SHIRAI…American Exceptionalism and Historical Perspectives in American Studies
12 Hirofumi NAKANO…The Place of American Historical Studies in Europe
22 Toru UMEZAKI…Reassessing the Problematik and Agendas of
the Society of American Historical Studies (Amerikashi Kenkyukai) in Its Early Years

Feature: Transnational History Reconsidered:
Possibilities and Challenges of History beyond National Borders

35 Miya SHICHINOHE SUGA…Transnational History on Mobility of People:
Recent Publications in Japan
47 Eiichiro AZUMA…Transnational Asian American History:
The Possibilities of an “Inter-National” Paradigm
64 Yukari TAKAI… Doing Transnational History at a Canada-U.S. Borderland:
Japanese Remigrants and the Rise of the Border
82 Tetsushi FURUKAWA…African American Relations with Japan and/or East Asia:
Toward a Transnationalization of African American History
93 Recent Ph.D. Dissertations by Members
97 From the Editorial Board

98 Activities of the Japanese Association for American History
98 Report of the Third Annual Meeting of the JAAH
106 Report of the Regular Meetings
109 Financial Reports of the Japanese Association for American History
110 The Rules of the Japanese Association for American History
111 Membership Application
112 Guidelines for Submission
113 Abstracts


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