September 10, 2010

About JAAH

The JAAH (Japan Association for American History) was officially founded on September 18, 2004, at the 29th General Meeting of the Summer Seminar for Researchers in American History (General Meeting for the Foundation of the JAAH) held at Hitotsubashi University. The establishment came after more than five years of continuous debate on the formation of an official organization for American history research in Japan. (The Society of American Historical Studies was the predecessor of JAAH.) The JAAH was established under a collective agreement to inherit the principles and tradition of the Summer Seminar for Researchers in American History.
The membership of the JAAH is comprised of specialists in the Americas, including the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and South America. To facilitate further research and cooperation among its members, JAAH organizes an annual conference and several regular colloquia throughout the year, and publishes its own journal, American History.

August 27, 2010

The 7th Annual Conference of the JAAH (September 18-19, 2010)

The 7th Annual Conference of the JAAH
September 18-19 2010
Place: Tokyo Woman's Christian University


Day 1: September 18th (Saturday)

Executive Meeting

Symposium A: Music Beyond Borders

Moderator: Daizaburo Yui (Tokyo Women's Christian University)

Tatsuya Shioya (Artist)
A Peculiar Reception of Gospel Music in Japan and Its Current Situation
Yusuke Torii (Setsunan University)
Jazz and National Borders: A Japanese Canadian Experience
Shuhei Hosokawa (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
Representing the rural: Música sertaneja as Brazil's "country " music

Commentator: Keiko Wells (Ritsumeikan University)

General Meeting


Day 2: September 19th (Sunday)

Independent Paper Presentations
Session A
Moderator: Keiichi Shoji (Josai University)
Shiori Nomura (Chuo University)
Transnational nationalism and the sense of American citizenship:
The National Croatian Society in the U.S.A.
Terumasa Tomita (University of Tokyo)
Union Influence on U. S. Trade Policy Making: 1997, 98, Fast-Track Authorization and China Tire Safeguards

Session B
Moderator: Ayumu Kaneko (Nagano Prefectural College)
Hiroaki Kanazawa (Meiji University)
Issues regarding Annexation of Hawaii represented in U.S. Political Cartoons
Noriko Hosoya (Hosei University)
Southern Liberals and the Issue of Race


Symposium B: "Urban Spaces" as Contested Terrain

Moderator: Katsuyuki Murata (Hokkaido University)

Hiroyuki Matsubara (Yokohama National University)
Masumi Izumi (Doshisha University)
Yutaka Nakamura (Tama Art University)

Commentator: Hisako Yanaka (Kyoritsu Woman's University)

Symposium C: Aspects of the Nuclear Issue

Moderator: Ken Chujo (J. F. Oberlin University)

Shizue Hinokawa (Takushoku University)
Masako Nakamura (University of Minnesota)
Naoki Kamimura (Hiroshima City University)

Commentator: Fumiko Nishizaki (Seikei University)

December 1, 2009

The 17th Colloquium (December 19, 2009)

The 17th Regular Colloquium
December 19, 2009
Senshu University, Kanda campus 14:00-17:30

How to Teach American History

Maho Toyoda (Kansai University)
Shigeru Sugiyama (Shizuoka University)
Takuya Ozawa (Kyoto Sangyo University)

Moderator: Ken Chujo (Obirin University)

September 9, 2009

Contact Information

Please contact the following address or email for information about the association and its membership.

The Main Executive Office
The Japanese Association of American History
c/o Joint Center for Historical Studies, Hitotsubashi University
2-1 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8601 Japan

e-mail: office (a)
(please replace (a) with @)

The 6th Annual Conference of the JAAH (September 19-20, 2009)

The 6th Annual Conference of the JAAH
September 19-20, 2009
Place: Nagoya University, School of Letters


Day 1: September 19th (Saturday)

Independent Paper Presentations 10:30-
Session A
Moderator: Izumi Ishii (Doshisha University)
Kumiko Noguchi (Meiji Gakuin University)
Analysis of the Tribal Political Organization and Tribal Leadership
during the Federal Assimilation Policy Era in California
Machiko Sato (University of Shizuoka)
Freedom House and Its Liberal Internationalism
Hiroyuki Matsuda (Koshien University)
Women Telegraphers in the United States: Unknown Story of Female Workers

Session B
Moderator: Shusuke Takahara (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Ayako Sahara (University of California, San Diego)
Biopolitics of Operations New Life/ Arrivals: U.S. Policy on 'Indochinese Refugees'
Yoko Mukai (University of Tsukuba)
Conservativeness on Finance Committee: From the Confirming Hearing of
Welfare Reform in the Early 1970's

Executive Meeting 12:40-13:40

Symposium 14:00-17:30
The World of Labor and Working Class History
Moderator: Yumiko Moriwaki (Mie University)
Hidetake Yasutake (Aichi Prefectural University, Emeritus)
Development of the Slave Owners' State in America and the Politics of
Urban Laboring People: Political Economy of the Locofocos in New York City
Tatsuro Nomura (Aichi Prefectural University, Emeritus)
Dreams of Working Class Liberation: From the Knights of Labor to the I.W.W.
Yu Takeda (Nara University of Education)
Class-Consciousness, as Defined in the Areas of Life and Labor

Commentator: Ryo Yokoyama (Konan University)

General Meeting 17:30-18:30
Reception 19:00-20:30

Day 2: September 20th (Sunday)

Symposium A 10:00-12:30
Moderator: Ayako Uchida (Nagoya University)
Boundaries of Citizens: Exclusion and Assimilation of Immigrants and Native Americans
Fuminori Minamikawa (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)
Beyond the Horizon of “Civic Nation”: Exclusion/Inclusion of Japanese Immigrants in the 1920s
Yumiko Nakano (Mizuno) (Nagoya University)
Citizenship and Native Americans:
Land, Natural Resources, and Politics in the Early Twentieth Century

Commentator: Akiyo Yamamoto (Nagoya City University)

Symposium B 14:00-17:00
Moderator: Takeo Mori (Fukuoka University)
Aspects of the Early Modern Atlantic World
Minoru Kawakita (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Periphery was not Peripheral: The British America in the Pre-Industrial History
Takeshi Fushimi (Keio University)
Mitsuhiro Wada (Nagoya University)
Money in the Early Modern Atlantic World

Commentator: Kenryu Hashikawa (University of Tokyo)

July 31, 2009

American History (Amerikashi-Kenkyu) No. 32(2009)

No. 32 (2009)
Page/ Contents

Minority and Politics:
1 Introduction
3 Satomi MINOWA…Free Love and the Woman Suffrage Movement
in the Reconstruction America: Victoria Woodhull and
the National Woman Suffrage Association
20 Yumi HIRATAI…Development of Public Health Policy in the South:
Rockefeller Sanitary Commission and the Control of Hookworm Disease
in the Early Twentieth Century
36 Taturo SAKAMOTO…Integrating Gender into Accreditation:
The American Association of University Women's Effort
to Achieve Gender Equity in University Faculty in the 1920s
54 Gail M. NOMURA…The Politics of Land Tenure:
Japanese on the Yakama Indian Reservation, 1922-1933
69 Ken CHUJO…Race and Order in the Post-Civil Rights Era:
Affirmative Action and the critique of "Colorblind Diversity"
87 Katsuyuki MURATA…Gloomy Days for a Racial Conciliator:
David N. Dinkins and the Crown Heights Disturbance

107 Hiroko ABE…The Community of Mourning:
The Vietnam Veterans Momorial as a National Symbol

Research Note:
126 Hiroaki KANAZAWA…U.S. Political Cartoons as a Primary Historical Source:
An Attempt at an Approach to the History of American Foreign Relations and Iconographical Analyses

136 Recent Ph.D. Dissertations by Members
139 Recent Publications by Members

141 Activities of the Japanese Association for American History
141 Report of the fourth Annual Meeting of the JAAH
153 Report of the Regular Meetings
158 Financial Reports of the Japanese Association for American History
160 The Rules of the Japanese Association for American History
164 Membership Application
165 Guidelines for Submission
166 Abstracts

July 25, 2009

The 16th Colloquium (July 25, 2009)

The 16th Regular Colloquium
July 25, 2009
Senshu University, Kanda campus 14:00-17:30

Interactions between Non Governmental Actors and Governments in International Politics

Yutaka Sasaki (Soai University)
The Institute of Pacific Relations and People-to-People Diplomacy:
A Comparative Analysis of the Institute's Unofficial Diplomacy and Track II Diplomacy

Akio Tsuchida (Chuo University)
Wartime China's Foreign Policy and the Role of NGOs

Yuka Tsuchiya (Ehime University)
Women's Educational Reform in Occupied Japan in the Context of
U.S. Overseas "Information and Education Policy"

Moderator: Yoshie Takamitsu (Chiba University)

Commentator: Takeshi Matsuda (Osaka University)

April 18, 2009

The 15th Colloquium (April 18, 2009)

The 15th Colloquium
April 18, 2009
Senshu University, Kanda campus 13:30-17:00

Colloquium on M. A. Thesis in American History

Presenter: Noe Ishihara (Tokyo Women’s Christian University)
Commentator: Megumi Yamauchi (Tsuda College)

Presenter: Hiroki Kubo (Kyoto University)
Commentator: Toshihiko Aono (Hitotsubashi University)

Presenter: Hideyuki Shimotomai (Meiji University)
Commentator: Joe Nakajima (Chiba University of Commerce)

Presenter: Takeshi Nasu (Osaka University)
Commentator: Takuya Sasaki (Rikkyo University)

Presenter: Kunisuke Hirano (University of Tokyo)
Commentator: Mariko Takagi (Kitayama) (Aichi Gakuin University)

Presenter: Hiroki Yashima (University of Tokyo)
Commentator: Kotaro Kanai (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

October 9, 2008

2008-2009 Board and Officers

Executive Board
President: Hiroyuki Matsubara (Yokohama National University)
Vice-President: Hayumi Higuchi (Senshu University), Mitsuhiro Wada (Nagoya University)
Treasurer: Yoshie Takamitsu (Chiba University)
Members: Rieko Asai (Kokugakuin University), Keiko Araki (Tokai University), Yuki Isa (Hitotsubashi University), Yo Kotaki (Hitotsubashi University), Nanami Suzuki (National Museum of Ethnology), Takeshi Fushimi (Keio University), Fuminori Minamikawa (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies), Tomoko Yagyu (Keio University)

Editorial Board
Chief Editor: Fumiko Nishizaki (Seikei University)
Sub-chief: Yoshiyuki Kido (Hitotsubashi University)
Members: Kosuzu Abe (University of the Ryukyus), Teruko Kumei (Shirayuri College), Madoka Sato (Otsuma Women’s University), Keiichi Shoji (Josai University), Miya Suga (Shichinohe) (Tokyo Gakugei University), Kaori Takada (Tsuru University)

Regional Officers
Hokkaido, Tohoku region: Toyoshi Obara (Tohoku University), Katsuyuki Murata (Hokkaido University)
Kanto region: Yoshiyuki Kido (Hitotsubashi University), Fumiko Nishizaki (Seikei University), Hayumi Higuchi (Senshu University), Hiroyuki Matsubara (Yokohama National University)
Chubu region: Mariko Takagi (Kitayama), Mitsuhiro Wada (Nagoya University)
Kansai region: Naoko Ono (Toyama University), Yoshio Higomoto (Doshisha University)
Chugoku/Shikoku/Kyushu region: Miyuki Kita (University of Kitakyusyu), Hirofumi Nakano (University of Kitakyushu)

Auditors: Kei Tanaka, Makoto Kurosaki

Election Board: Yoshikatsu Hayashi (Meiji University), Yusuke Goto (Waseda University), Yoko Shirai (Japan Women’s University)

September 21, 2008

The 5th Annual Conference of the JAAH (September 20-21, 2008)

The 5th Annual Conference of the JAAH
September 20-21, 2008
at Toyo Gakuen University: Hongo Campus


Day 1: September 20th (Saturday)

Symposium (13:30-17:00)
Moderator: Hirofumi Nakano (University of Kitakyushu)
American History in History Education
Tomochika Okamoto (University of Tsukuba)
On the Socialization Function of History Education:
Underlying Problems in History Textbooks of Japan and the United States
Yasuhiko Torigoe (Azabu High School)
Historical Teaching in USA
Daizaburo Yui (Tokyo Women’s Christian University)
Bridging over the Gaps between Research and Education in
American Historical Studies

Commentator: Yoshiyuki Kido (Hitotsubashi University)

General Meeting (17:00-18:30)
Reception (18:30-20:00)

Day 2: September 21st, 2008 (Sunday)

Independent Paper Presentations 9:30-
Session A
Moderator: Masaki Hirata (Nagoya City University)
Keita Okuhiro (University of Tokyo)
The Relationship between the President and the Congress
in the Period of National Emergency: With a Focus on
the First Session of Seventy-Seventh Congress (1941)
Ikuro Fujiwara (Osaka University)
U.S. Foreign Policy toward Iran during and before World War II:
Why was it shifted from Iran to Saudi Arabia?
Hiroko Abe (Tohoku University)
The Community of Mourning: The Politics of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Yusuke Nishizumi (Chuo University)
Rethinking U.S. Foreign Policy Realists: The Case of the Kosovo War

Session B
Moderator: Yusuke Goto (Waseda University)
Toshikazu Kasai (Nagoya University)
Sailors and the West India trade in late-17th-century British North America:
from the viewpoint of Atlantic history
Keiko Fukuda (Aoyama Gakuin University)
Abolitionism and the Health Reform Movement in Mid-19th Century America:
David Ruggles and His Utopia
Junko Miura (Hokkaido University)
Racial Politics and Americanization Policy in the Making of
"the Mexican Problem": The Case of Racial (Re)formation in Texas
Kosuke Yoshioka (Tohoku University)
The struggle to dismantle race-based affirmative action
in institutions of higher education.

Session C
Moderator: Yumi Hiratai (Sapporo Gakuin University)
Chizuru Nasu (Shiraishi) (Shukutoku University)
Chiori Goto (Hitotsubashi University)
Shigeo Fujimoto (Tezukayama University)

Symposium A 14:00-15:00
The World Order in Early Nineteenth Century Western Hemisphere
Moderator: Hiroo Nakajima (Osaka University)
Tadao Hama (Hokkai-Gakuen University)
The Haitian Revolution and the Oder of Western Hemisphere
Yoshio Higomoto (Doshisha University)
Three Revolutions in the Atlantic World and Jefferson's "Empire of Liberty
Yukari Yashima (Keio University)
Reconstruction of the Empire: Spain and Cuba in the First Half of the 19th Century

Commentator: Takeshi Fushimi (Keio University)

Symposium B 14:00-15:00
The Formation of Immigrant Communities in the Americas
Moderator: Fuminori Minamikawa (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)
Akio Kitamura (Japan Women’s University)
The Transnational Network of Italian Antifascist Exiles
and the Ethnic Community in the U.S. of the Interwar Era
Yoshiko Shibata (Kobe University)
Becoming Chinese, Being Chinese:
Dimensions of Borders on Ethnic Cemetery in Jamaica
Hiroshi Yoneyama (Ritsumeikan University)
Japanese Immigrant Community and Traffic System in Los Angeles:
Thinking of Traffic System as a basis of forming and sustaining immigrant community

Commentator: Kotaro Nakano (Osaka University)