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American History (Amerikashi-Kenkyu) No. 29(2006)

No. 29 (2006)

1 Introduction
3 Takuya OZAWA… The Choice of the “Backyard”:
U.S. Relations of Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica after 1979
18 Hirofumi HAYASHI… The Sex Trade and Sexual Offences
Related to the U.S. Military in East Asia
36 Yuko ITO… PHILCAG, Bases, and the Counter Insurgency:
U.S.-Philippine Military Relations during the Initial Marcos Era
55 Hiroshi FUJIMOTO… Towards Reconciliation and Peaceful Relationship:
Experiences and Memories of U.S. Vietnam War Veteran Mike Boehm
and His My Lai Peace Park Project
71 Masashi SHIMAKAWA… Does “the Occupation of Iraq” Compare
to “the Occupation of Japan”? : The Lessons from History
89 Kozue AKIBAYASHI…Women Challenge Militarism:
East Asia-U.S.-Puerto Rico Women’s Network Against Militarism

104 Akiko ITABASHI… Womanhood as Consumers during Wartime:
Images of Women in Advertisements in Ladies’ Home Journal and
Life during World War II
121 Recent Ph.D. Dissertations by Members

123 Activities of the Japanese Association for American History
123 Report of the Second Annual Meeting of the JAAH
135 Report of the Regular Meetings
139 Financial Reports of the Japanese Association for American History
140 The Rules of the Japanese Association for American History
141 Membership Application
142 Guidelines for Submission
143 Abstracts


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