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American History (Amerikashi-Kenkyu) No. 32(2009)

No. 32 (2009)
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Minority and Politics:
1 Introduction
3 Satomi MINOWA…Free Love and the Woman Suffrage Movement
in the Reconstruction America: Victoria Woodhull and
the National Woman Suffrage Association
20 Yumi HIRATAI…Development of Public Health Policy in the South:
Rockefeller Sanitary Commission and the Control of Hookworm Disease
in the Early Twentieth Century
36 Taturo SAKAMOTO…Integrating Gender into Accreditation:
The American Association of University Women's Effort
to Achieve Gender Equity in University Faculty in the 1920s
54 Gail M. NOMURA…The Politics of Land Tenure:
Japanese on the Yakama Indian Reservation, 1922-1933
69 Ken CHUJO…Race and Order in the Post-Civil Rights Era:
Affirmative Action and the critique of "Colorblind Diversity"
87 Katsuyuki MURATA…Gloomy Days for a Racial Conciliator:
David N. Dinkins and the Crown Heights Disturbance

107 Hiroko ABE…The Community of Mourning:
The Vietnam Veterans Momorial as a National Symbol

Research Note:
126 Hiroaki KANAZAWA…U.S. Political Cartoons as a Primary Historical Source:
An Attempt at an Approach to the History of American Foreign Relations and Iconographical Analyses

136 Recent Ph.D. Dissertations by Members
139 Recent Publications by Members

141 Activities of the Japanese Association for American History
141 Report of the fourth Annual Meeting of the JAAH
153 Report of the Regular Meetings
158 Financial Reports of the Japanese Association for American History
160 The Rules of the Japanese Association for American History
164 Membership Application
165 Guidelines for Submission
166 Abstracts


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