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July 2005 アーカイブ

July 8, 2005

American History (Amerikashi-Kenkyu) No. 28(2005)

No. 28 (2005)

1 Founding of the Japanese Association for American History

The New World of Trans-Atlantic Ocean:
3 Introduction
5 Hitoshi TAKAHASHI… Tannenbaum-Elkins Thesis Reconsidered
23 Kazuteru OMORI… Chasing the Shadow of America:
African Americans’ Quest for American Nationality
in the Late-Nineteenth-Century United States and Liberia
38 Masako Sasamoto NAKAMURA… Trans-Atlantic World
and Self-Formation of W.E.B. DuBois:
From Great Barrington to Berlin
58 Katsuyuki MURATA… “We, Blacks” Articulated through Difference:
Theoretical Perspectives of the African Diaspora

76 Kozue YASUDA… PR Strategy for Female Smokers:
Edward L. Bernays’ Attempt at Building Democratic Consumerism
92 Hiroshi TAKEI… Trumbull Park Homes Disturbances and
“Communal Violence”
111 Recent Ph.D. Dissertations by Members

113 Activities of the Society of American Historical Studies
117 Activities of the Japanese Association for American History
117 Report of the First Annual Meeting of the JAAH
124 Report of the Regular Meetings
129 Financial Reports of the Japanese Association for American History
131 The Rules of the Japanese Association for American History
134 Membership Application
135 Guidelines for Submission
136 Abstracts

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